I live in the great city of Memphis, Tennessee, in the winter, and often spend some of my summer in Maine and New Hampshire. I have been sewing since the age of thirteen using my mother's Singer treadle machine. I am now a grandmother of two adorable girls who help me make my design decisions for my children's collection. I made my own wedding dress, my daughter's wedding dress, my grandchildren's Christening and May Day dresses with oodles of hand sewn lace inserts, and many, many other outfits over the years. Every item I make is handmade using the finest fabric, leather, and hardware; all are sewn with heavy duty thread; stress points are double stitched; I hope you find my designs as satisfying as it is for me to create them for you.

Ella Frances Designs

Creating new and beautiful objects is my joy and my passion. Anything you purchase here is made with the greatest of care with an emphasis on beauty and elegance. Please browse and let me know if you have any questions.